Annotation Pathways

Augmenting Human Intellect is a complex and large document– how might you go about annotating it? If you are new to, we suggest you work through the 1-2-3 Getting Started guides.

Then, or if you are experienced already at annotation, we have these suggestions to find your way.

(1) Choose Your Own Path

Read from beginning to end, or select sections that speak to you. Feel free to jump in and annotate anywhere (that link opens Augmenting Human Intellect with enabled).

(2) Follow the Phase 1 Schedule

For Phase 1, launched in 2019, this project was organized as a special event over a tightly-focused 3 week schedule. While Phase 2 is designed to be much more open-ended, the Phase 1 schedule may still be helpful as a starting point. You can navigate through the posts for each week (Week 0, Week 1, and Week 2) to find suggestions where to annotate, plus podcasts that provide more insight into specific sections.

(3) Use our Suggested Starting Points

Here we outline a map with specific sections of interest, each one linked to an annotation with a prompt right inside the paper.

(list to be linked here)